Monday, December 12, 2011

Boys And Their Church Clothes

After church I could not get Jake and Anthony to take off their church clothes. I can't remember how I got them to take them off either. I tricked them somehow but not before they played in them and ate in them.



Can you see how proud he is?


Jaileigh and Anthony. Jaileigh wanted to wear her tights and her shoes.

Annie was picking her toes. She didn;t make it to church because she was napping. Daddy "had" to stay home with her. {The Bears just happened to be on during church. I really don't think it was that great of a game and he should have just gone to church.}

Sunday's are really hard because church is in the middle of naptime. Michael came home from church and crashed on the couch.

Not before his sister whopped him in the face with her princess baseball bat.

Michael asking Jaileigh why she hit him with the baseball bat. Glad they can laugh about it now.

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