Friday, December 9, 2011

Kookaburra The Christmas Elf

This year one of Santa's Elves is visiting us. The kids named him Kookaburra or Kooki. We sing the Kookaburra song all the time and I guess they really liked the name. It has been really fun name because we can sing about Kookaburra our elf to the tune of the song. Kookaburra brought Santa socks the other day. The kids thought that was so fun. The next day he didn't bring anything so they told him he was "fired" because he didn't bring them a treat. Needless to say Kookaburra brought doughnuts the next morning so that he would not be fired again.

Michael, Jaileigh, Anthony and Jake enjoying their treats.

Annie woke up a little later then the rest of the crew. She looked at me in disgust at her donut.

She found the box . . .

and helped herself. Smart girl!

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