Saturday, December 3, 2011

Decking The Halls

This year we decided not to get a real tree because we were headed to Park City for a week and then St. George for another week. I didn't feel comfortable leaving a real tree that long without water so we opted for the fake tree this year. Mike and I hit the black Friday sales and came home with a little tree that was perfect for the kids. The kids helped decorate it with all my kid friendly decorations. It has since been knocked over two times. We just stand it back up, put the decorations back on and plug it back in. Next year I want a real tree again! I miss the smell, the tree scented candles just are the same.

Michael loves the tree the most. He helped me decorate it the longest and he makes sure that it is turned on each morning.

Annie and Anthony helping daddy make pancakes while the rest decorate the tree.

Jaileigh like this decoration.


Jake and Michael

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