Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mike's Work Party=Date Night

Mike and I got to go on a real date. Megha and Karen came down to babysit. Both of them had to drive over on hour to get here (I won't tell where they came from for their privacy). We were so excited! We left all 5 hoodlums. Usually Annie has to come with us but we actually left her. Karen and Megha were great to update me during the evening with pictures and texts. Despite me being a tad bit nervous to leave them we had a lot of fun and I didn't even worry the whole time. The kids had more fun than we did. I still hear stories about what they did with Karen and Megha! Some of the things I've heard about were hide and seek, piggy back rides, putting on make-up, popcorn making, new shirts, trying on all jewelry, and reading stories.

Jake and Anthony

Annie was all grins.


Jakob putting make-up on Anthony.

Jaileigh must be offering her advise now.

Big grins from Jaileigh.

Modeling their bowl hats and their new elephant shirts that Megha brought back from India.

Jaileigh, Jake, Annie and Anthony

Crashed. (Jaileigh was faking it)
Jake, Jaileigh and Michael on Megha's lap.



Thanks girls for a wonderful evening!!!!

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