Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday the kids woke up to a visit from Santa. They were so excited. Each of them got their own scooter.

I think their favorite part of the day was opening their stockings. They took forever and had to look at each little thing over and over.




Annie and Jaileigh opening presents



The only things that the kids asked for was a camera and a baby. They never changed their answers, that is all they wanted. So, that is what they got. You can see how excited they were with their cameras.

Jake and his baby. Future blackmail picture, right?

Annie with her camera and her sucker. I think she was a little overwhelmed.

Annie stole Jaileigh's new nail polish. You can see Jaileigh is not happy about it.


Playing her princess game.

Jake making an ice cream sunday.

Michael playing with the princess game too.

Anthony and Mickey Mouse.

Playing "memory". This game was fun to watch. Jake wins, Jaileigh wants to win, and Michael cries because he wants a turn or he isn't winning, Anthony plays while doing 5 other things. 

Annie in her new pink hot pants and her scooter.

Merry Early Christmas everyone!

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