Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Park Days

With all the wonderful California weather we have been having we decided to take the kiddos on some outings. We went to the Church Pavilion/Softball Field one day and then the park. The babies loved both. Jakob gets the runner award. He ran for over an hour straight. No stopping, just ran, and ran, and ran. They all slept really well those nights! Too bad its raining this week.

Anthony and Jakob playing in the sand.

Michael and Jakob in the swing. None of the kids really liked swinging. They would much rather be running and climbing. The swings lasted about 30 seconds for each baby.


Jaileigh- wearing her brothers jacket
and Jakob
Jakob running
Anthony and Michael
Anthony cheesing it
Anthony and Jaileigh
The "Boys"
Jaileigh checking the ball out
and the Faboulous Foursome playing a little tackle football. Jaileigh did jump on top of the pile.

Sorry for the lack of updates. My computer is currently in the shop for 2 weeks, last time that really meant a month. I am lucky enough to have a junker PC still hanging around. It does take me quadruple the time to post but at least I have it. Also, Mike is in New York for 16 days so keep us in your prayers that we will survive- or that I will survive these wild children!

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jennygranola said...

I *loved* these pictures. Especially the double baby swing shots. My kids still love to swing that way, two per baby swing. Evan is too big now, but the girls beg to play the two headed spider game. I always get a ton of comments from people about it, good and bad. I'm sure you get a ton more comments than I do on everything though. You're doing a great job mama!