Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where's Your Belly?

When you ask the babies where their bellies are they look for their belly buttons. They are so silly. Here are pictures of them showing me their bellies. Please look beyond the different states of dress. Clothing is optional at our house and the fact that all of them have one piece on is a miracle, and all of their diapers are on.


Jakob is thinking this is really funny.

And Jaileigh


Kim and Jim said...

Hi Amber! I hope you don't mind that I googled you to find your blog :) I just saw you on facebook, and didn't know you had quads!! They are adorable, you are amazing! Here's mu blog if you want to take a peek:

Kimberly & Alex said...

way too cute!

Beth said...

How funny! My quads love to show their bellies too! Unfortunately, they sometime try to pull up my shirt to show Mommy's belly. No need for that (especially after what they did to it!) Your kids are too cute!!

The Cochran Crew said...