Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Toy At Our House

For the quads first birthday we bought them the Eezy Peezy Ball Pit. This was suggested to us by several other quad mommas. When we got it we were living in a tiny house and didn't have room for it. Now that we moved I was ready to put it up. So, 6 months after their birthday they finally get to enjoy their present. They LOVE it! I thought it was going to be HUGE but it really isn't. I put it together originally thinking that I was going to leave it outside but it was so much smaller than I thought that it now has a permanent spot in our living/playroom. I would recommend this toy to everyone. It is awesome. My babies play on it everyday, several times a day.
Now for the picture overload. They were having so much fun on it I just kept taking pictures and couldn't stop.

Jakob and Jaileigh.

The babies rarely go down the slide. They usually walk up it. They think its the ladder : )
Michael showing us how much he loves it.

Jaileigh in the ball toss basket reading her books. See it's multifunctional. It has its own reading room.

Jakob, Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael. What you can't really see is that Jaileigh is hitting Anthony on the head with a ball. I think that's the reason for the "look" he is giving the camera.



Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael. The blue thing is a "hoop" of some sort. The babies throw the balls in and they come out the bottom.

Jakob, Anthony, Jaileigh, and Michael. Yes, Jaileigh and Michael are wrestling. This happens quite often. For some reason they like to tackle each other and Jaileigh loves it just as much as the boys.

Michael the Monkey. He is climbing here. I haven't had one fall yet. They do some crazy stuff on this toy. I think I'm going to have to keep them away from the circus. They all think they are trapeze artists.

Jakob, Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony. Love Michaels funny face.

Jake getting ready to climb

Anthony, Jakob, and Jaileigh


Suzy said...

That ball pit looks fun! Never seen anything like it ... where did you get it?

Amber said...

I found it at Amazon.