Saturday, February 25, 2017

Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies was February 25th, all day long! The teams walk with their team around the baseline and everyone cheers. Annie waiting with her coach.

She was a little nervous and wouldn't smile.

Since the boys are in an older division they had to wait forever for their team to be called

Annie's team was still waiting to walk.

and they are off. . .

Jaileigh walked with the boys. She is so funny.

After the big opening ceremony and national anthem the kids all got donuts.




Opening ceremonies is a huge day! People bring their trailers and camp at the fields all day long. You can see the RV in the background of this picture.

Play ball!
Jake pitching


Annie during her team pictures. I was keeping score for the boys team so her friends mom had to take her. She was so nice to snap a couple pictures for me.

The Purple Pandas.

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