Saturday, February 4, 2017

Grandma's Viewing

The viewing was January 29th. We were at the funeral home from 1:00-9:00pm. The kids did a great job of entertaining themselves and staying out of trouble. They were able to see their Grandma Dolores and tell her goodbye. It was very interesting seeing how the reacted to seeing her. I was afraid they would be scared or disturbed but none of them were. They were all very interested in her and asked a lot of questions. Annie was the most interested and kept coming back to pat her hand or her cheek. She touched every part of her body, including pulling an earring off. I don't know if she thought she could wake her up or if she was just exploring. Diana had had Dolores' hair died back to her red that she loved. The kids thought that was so funny and kept touching her hair. They were very reverent and respectful around her. It was very interesting to watch them.

They were able to be around Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy, Aunt Diana, Heather and Mary, their new friend Sharon, and they got to meet all of their cousins that they've never met. They were so excited about all the cousins they had and never knew they had. They kept telling me, "Mom I met another cousin!" They had quite the day!

Hanging out with Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe with his girls

The kids got a hold of my camera and started taking pictures of each other.

Anthony and Jaileigh




Annie and I

We went home late that night and crashed! We had to be back the next morning bright and early for the funeral and mass.

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