Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bloody Possum!

**WARNING** blood and gore involved. Read at your own risk!**

Over the last several months we have lost 11 chickens and 1 rooster. We suspected the chickens were being eaten by an opossum but we weren't able to catch it. The rooster was eaten by a coyote. Well, we finally caught the possum red handed.

Michael and I went out one night to lock the chickens in their coop and there was something already in the coop. The chickens knew there was something in there and were refusing to go in. Michael was trying to pick each chicken up and put it in and they would fly out. Suddenly, something ran around in the coop and scared the wits out of Michael. He ran all the way into the house screaming. Poor kid. I pulled the ladder up on the coop and trapped whatever was inside of it, in it. It was our crazy chicken eating possum.

We got Mike out to help but he has the same healthy fear of possums as he does of rats and mice. He wasn't going near the coop, even with a loaded gun. Mamma, Annie Oakley here, using my purple shotgun shot the possum straight through the eye ball and then followed up with a couple more shots just to make sure the possum wasn't playing "possum". It was pretty gruesome and the boys were in bloody possum heaven! 

The next morning the boys went out and took about 100 pictures with my phone. I filtered them and combined them with my own that I took with my camera. Here is the best of the best.

The tail was so disgusting!

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