Monday, February 20, 2017

Trip To Utah For Bridal Shower

The next morning after the Sweetheart Dance we left at 4 a.m. to go to Utah for Rori's bridal shower. Mike was going to come later that day after working and actally got stranded at home because of all the flooding we've been having. The Cajon Pass had a mudslide and he couldn't get through.

 Within minutes the kids were knocked out.  

Nap time.

While the girls were at the bridal shower, Grandpa Pops took the boys to Chuck-A-Rama. The cousins and Andy met them there and they had a blast! I think the girls were a little jealous because the bridal shower wasn't exactly the kind of party that they were expecting.

Rori's friend Makayla and her sister and mom put on Rori's shower. It was at their house and it was beautiful!

My beautiful sister, the bride to be, Rori.

My baby girls watching Rori unwrap.

My moms best friend, Marlene, came down from Idaho.

More friends.

Rori, two of her bridesmaids, Mikayla and Genna, and Marlene.

Rori's friend and her friend.

Some of the young women girls that Rori grew up with.

Looking at one of her gifts.


I love this! It's 5 generations of mothers.

The young women girls reunited. It was so fun to see them together again and see the different stages of life they are in.

Fun friends from the ward.

My moms forever friend, Tammy, with one of Rori's friends little boy.

Our neighbor, Louise, with another young woman baby.

Rori and I with Jaileigh


Our mom with her girls.

and our lovely SIL, Tia

Rori's getting practice.

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BearikaBallerina said...

They are getting so big! I actually remember that day because I was going down the hill that day and read about the Pass mudslide but that was northbound and I was going southbound to work in Riverside. Yikes. We got so much water but the freeways were a mess that day.