Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cubs 2017

My lucky boys get to be the Cubs again this year, mostly because their dad is on the Pony Little Leaugue Board and may or may not have first dibs on his team name. We have a new team, with some former team mates and some new ones. We kept two kids from last fall, one from last spring and got 4 new kids for a total of 10 players.

Coach Mike coaching Anthony at pitcher.


It must have been Anthony day because here he is hitting now.


One Saturday morning, despite the drizzling rain, the boys had a round robin scrimmage. It was pretty fun for everyone. It is really neat to see all the players that have been on our team that are now on other teams. The parents all like to hang out together and catch up. 

Sisters supporting their brothers. 


Anthony playing catcher

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