Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day. Mike and I did some last minute Valentine's shopping for the kids. When Jaileigh asked me the day before if they got Valentine presents I told her I couldn't remember because I wasn't sure she was going to get anything. With as crazy as our schedules have been I haven't had 2 seconds free to run to the store. Mike and I combined and somehow came up with some treats to make them happy. Mike made homemade Valentines for the kids while I finished up classroom Valentine's. There favorite part of the day was the baseball cards that Mike got them. Every single one loved them!

Anthony and Jakob

 I got mike a little garden Cubby gnome. He got me some beautiful roses!

Jaileigh's Valentine's for school "You make my heart glow" with a glow stick attached. 

Jakob wanted the jokes. We used the extra pencils and glow sticks to attach to the back of his funny jokes. 

Michael's "You Make My Heart POP!"


Annie Belle

Excited about his baseball cards. 


Anthony's cute Valentine's "You're a CUTIE"

We couldn't have candy Valentine's because of peanut allergies so we stuck with non candy and mostly non-food items. I was just fine with that because I usually end up throwing the candy away anyway. 

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