Friday, March 18, 2016

Uncle Joe Gave Us A Scare

We went to the Children's Museum while we were in St. George. Grandma bought the grandparent pass so we can go anytime we want to go now.

Michael gathering eggs. 

Anthony fixing a car.

Jake under the car.

Working at the radio station mixing music.

Grocery store girl and boy.


Annie's shadow memories.

We went back to Las Vegas Tuesday afternoon. We stayed there over night so that we could see Joe. He had just had another heart procedure. We are so thankful that he came through all right. We were really worried about him. 

All the kids on the moving sidewalk. Michael was pretending to be grouchy. 

Visiting Joe in the hospital. I didn't think that they would let all the kids in but they did! It was so nice for all of us!

Kathy went with us to the buffet. I was alone because Mike had to work.

My kids love strange foods! 

Kathy walked us back to our room and tucked us in bed. 

We got up at 4 am and drove home in time to go to school just a little late. 

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