Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dentist Visit

We are heading to the dentist and grandma/grandpas and Joe's. Anthony and I had dentist appointments. We left daddy home to work and take care of the dog, house and chickens.
We left Sunday afternoon, after church. 

5.5 hours into our trip this happened. About 15 miles south of Mesquite, NV.
Then it turned to a red warning that said to safely pull over and stop engine. ARGH!! 

Then we sat on the side of the I-15 until this happened. 

I didn't want the kids in the car in case someone hit us. You never know with all the crazy drivers out there. I got them out and we walked far away from the car and I let them play in the desert. They threw rocks, dug holes, drew in their sketch books, collected treasures. When it got dark, I spread a blanket on the ground and they all sat on it and played with our one iPad. They were so good! Of course they all said a prayer that we would be safe and Grandpa would arrive safely. 

AAA came and towed the Volvo to my parents house. 
Then Grandpa came and got us in his truck. It was quite the journey!

Thank goodness my parents were not too far from where we broke down. 

The next day we got the car in to a foreign repair place, They preceded to rip us off and fix something that didn't need fixed BUT we were able to drive the car and make it home safely. 

We had a very fun trip. We got to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. On the way home we stopped in Vegas for the night and got to visit Joe and Kathy!

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