Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Resis-Dance

star wars dance
Here is a phone picture of our amazing photo from the dance taken by our good friend, Kevin Lee.

The PTA did such a great job decorating.

They had one of the dads paint this on one of the walls. 

Waiting for pictures. Katie was there with her dad. He was taking pictures for the dance. 

These two were so cute. I don't know what they were talking about but it was cute how closely they were standing. 



Putting the decorations to good use. 

There was a photo booth that the kids didn't even see or care about until the dance was over. 

Again, another great Callie mom posted pictures for parents to use. Thank you so much Nancy Kelly!




Jordan and Montse, Anthony and I were dancing next to them. You can see Anthony right there. He was the only one of my boys that would dance with me. He was so nice!

Dancing with the DJ

The DJ was great! She entertained the crowd the entire dance. She had contests, danced on stage, really interacted with the crowd. I was impressed!

The girls stayed home with dad and their friend Adalia. I took them to the store the weekend before and we loaded up on junk foods. They were so excited! They watched movies and talked girl talk. No pictures from that event. 

After the dance the boys and I went to the Yellow Basket. Yum yum! It's their favorite after dance hang out.  

Anthony and I


Michael wouldn't come over for a picture. 

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