Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Child's Playground

My kids recently discovered the most amazing playground ever; our friends heavy equipment yard! The found all kinds of treasures, animals to play with, dirt and grease to roll in. They were filthy every night they were there. I'm pretty sure I threw away a half dozen clothes because they were ruined.

Anthony on a motorized bike he found that has a missing motor. 

Mickey and Jake

Look at that face!




Jake trying to figure out the welders helmet.

Jaileigh found a toy too.

and the real reason we were there. 

I put gasoline in our diesel truck. Yep, I did it. Let's just say I was in the doghouse for quite awhile, big time! The tow truck driver that towed it to the yard, even felt sorry for me.  Mike's friend, Mike was helping us out and fixing the truck. It ended up only needing a new fuel filter and having the gas drained out, which we put in my other cars so it wasn't wasted. It was a miracle!

Mike and Mike working on the truck.

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