Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt

We headed back to Utah for Spring Break. The boys baseball game was Thursday evening and we headed out Friday morning early. We stopped at Kathy and Joe's in Vegas for breakfast and a visit. The kids had so much fun playing.

Annie stealing Joe's hats.

We pass this building every time we go to Utah. Someday I am going to find out the history on it. 

Saturday morning there was an Easter Egg Hunt at the RV campsite that we were supposed to be camping at. We ended up canceling our reservations and staying in my parents driveway. We enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt and hopefully got enough candy for the one night stay that we had to pay for. 

It was the most organized egg hunts I have even been to. It was separated into appropriate age groups. The one they do in our town has ridiculous age groups. The first time we went it was ages 4-10 or something ridiculous. Of course my kids got nothing. It was a sad day, you may remember that blog post I did on it. This hunt was perfect!

Anthony, Jakob and Jaileigh were in their positions. Annie and Dad were behind in her area. Michael is in the corner of the picture.  



Candy and eggs waiting to be snatched up. 

Cousins Major, Legend and Maze came to join us. Grandma and Grandpa went and picked them up so they could play with us for 5 minutes. 

Michael and Jaileigh



Anthony and Jaileigh





Showing Dad all their loot. 

Grandma and Grandpa with Maze

Jake won a prize. He got an egg with a special sticker on it. 

What a fun Easter Egg Hunt!

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