Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Dr Suess Pics

Here are my pictures from the Dr Suess Extravaganza.It was such a crazy day! I had to get the kids ready and get myself ready because I was subbing for their teacher so she could run the extravaganza. Mrs Duarte is the mastermind behind this amazing event. Get the kids floats to the school, unloaded, get pictures taken before costumes came off and floats were torn apart, and teach a first grade class on the most amazing day ever.

Anthony was the Cat In The Hat, Michael and Jakob were Thing 1 and Thing 2, Annie and Jaileigh were Red Fish.

Jakob, Friend Elija and Jaileigh

Anthony's float.

Michael's float.

Jake's float

Jaileigh's float.

For Jaileigh's fish, I drew them, she traced them with marker and I cut them out. She did a great job!

Mrs Duarte doing her thing,

Her he comes!

Michael and Anthony

Jaileigh jumping with excitement!

The Parade
Thank you to Montse for taking pictures with my camera!


Our friends Landin and Adalia

The middle schoolers were there to help. 

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