Monday, October 14, 2013

Shoe Time

The kids didn't get new school shoes. I think the last time I bought them shoes was over a year ago so they have been over do for new shoes. Poor Michael's were falling to pieces, Jakes toes were hurting, Jaileigh's feet were squished, Anthony's were worn out and Annie was wearing hand me downs.

They were so excited to go shopping. I take them to Nordstroms Rack. They are the same price as anywhere else, they hold up, they have an awesome return policy and they have high quality brands. The only hard thing is sometimes the selection can be picked over. We had a really hard time finding Jaileigh's size and Anthony's size. The next morning I looked at Anthony's shoes and they were two sizes too big. We had to take them back and Mike found him a pair in his size.

Jaileigh, Jake, Anthony and Michael
(Annie was still sleeping)
Jake was hiding his broken arm. He had his partial cast on still.
Annie's shoes
Anthony's new shoes have orange on the bottoms. He loves them!

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