Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cast Day

 On the day Jake got his cast (Oct 11) on I helped in school for a little. When it was time to leave I was planning on taking all the kids with me because I wouldn't be back in time for pick up after school. The remaining kids were so mad that they were going to miss school! I thought for sure they would want to come with us but nope. I called Mike and he said he could pick them up so Annie, Jake and I went together.

This had to have been the most efficient doctor appointment I have ever been to. It took us longer to park than it did for the whole appointment. They got us checked in, consulted and casted within 20 minutes. My head was spinning it was so fast.

Jake picked a yellow cast, the only color they didn't have so he settled on black.

Afterwards we went downstairs and ate at the McDonalds in the hospital and paid twice the going rate for a kids meal. It was a special treat for them to get a kids meal because I don't buy them ever.


Sitting on Ronald's lap.

He broke his radius bone near his wrist. Because the break was near the end of the bone he only needed a short cast. If the break is near the middle(shaft) like his last break they cast it above the elbow. He gets it off on November 4th. Hooray an early birthday present for me!

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