Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Michaela's Birthday Party

The kids have a friend named Michaela that they met at school and have playdates with about once a week. She says that she is going to marry Anthony. Anthony says he is going to marry Sophia. There is quite the love triangle going on in their kindergarten class.

The kids were super tired. They had played in a baseball game earlier. I thought Annie was going to fall asleep a couple of times. Despite their tiredness, they had a blast. There were snowcones, cotton candy, pinatas, jumpers, candy, juice, toys galore! Michaela's paternal grandma is from El Salvadore and cooked all the food for the party, it was delicious!

Annie, Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh and Jakob
(of course on the best picture someones head was in the way)
Jaileigh after eating her snowcone.
Jake went up to this swing and immediately flipped over backwards on it, landing on his feet, easy as could be. Michael walked over to copy him and found it wasn't as easy. He was pretty frustrated.
Annie eating her cold snowcone.
Waiting for the cake.
Michaela the birthday girl.
The boys
Jaileigh resting with daddy.
They have never seen a pinata before. It was pretty interesting to them.
Happy Birthday Michaela!
Waiting in anticipation.
Annie was too tired and being shy.
Alexa (baby sister) and Penny (Michaela's grandma)
Penny and I socialize in the pick up line after school.
They loved beating the pinata with a stick!
Somehow with one arm Jake managed to get the most candy by double! His bag was busting at the seams. The rest of them barely filled their bags half way.
Happy Birthday Michaela! Thanks for letting us come and celebrate!

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