Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Princess Party

Jaileigh got invited to her first birthday party without her siblings. It was a princess party for her friend at school. She was super excited! She had a baseball game before the party so we were a little bit late, she was also very tired!

At the party the "real" Cinderella came to paint faces and to play games. Jaileigh was in awe of her and didn't leave her side. It was such a good experience for her to have without her brothers. School has been hard on her, she's had to find her own way without her siblings. I never thought she would have the hardest time adjusting to being alone but she has. She had so much fun at the princess party and she felt so special because she was the only one invited.
I talked to her friends mom a little and told her I had quadruplets. When I explained what quadruplets were and that the other three were boys she started laughing. She said her daughter kept telling her she needed to invite Jaileigh's brothers too and that she had A LOT of brothers. She didn't understand what she meant until I explained.
The girls watching Cinderella and her assistant arrive.
I only know the 3 on the right. It was a combined cousin birthday so the other 4 are the cousin and her friends.
Kaylen, Adisyn (birthday girl) and Jaileigh
Jaileigh with her buddies.
After the party with her face paint partially smeared.
I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and she could barely keep her eyes open. She was so tired!

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