Thursday, March 1, 2012

Block Party

We had a BBQ one afternoon with our neighbors. We blew the jumper up in the house so the kids could play on it.

Maleiya, Jake and Michael

Jaileigh being mean to Jake.

Harrison, Jake, and Maleiya

Annie with Anthony in his Santa hat.

Baby Zander in his sisters hat.

Jake rode his bike even when it got dark.

Annie looking at the fire.

Maleiya sharing her candy bracelets.

My little sweet tooth boy!

All the kids wanted to have DeDe open their candy.

Daddy and Jaileigh. She was freezing.

Lined up in front of the fire.

Anthony, you can see this was pre-surgery. You can see his cyst above his right eyebrow.

Jake getting smoked out. Good thing he has his fire truck handy.

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