Saturday, March 10, 2012

Surgery Follow-Up Appointment

On Friday, March 9 Anthony had his follow up appointment with Dr Ray. Our appointment was at 9:15. We checked in at 8:45 and were out of there by 9:10. AMAZING! I couldn't believe how fast they were. She said it looks wonderful. Normally you are supposed to come back again for one more follow up but she said she could see how much work it was for me to get there so just to call her if he had any problems.

Annie, Jake and Jaileigh in the waiting room.


A close up of his eye. It does still have a few sutures but it looks so good!

We had an errand to run in San Bernardino and then we stopped in to surprise Megha and Karen at work. Megha wasn't there but Karen was. The kids had so much fun running around her classroom and entertaining her students.

Jake knew how to run the elmo (?) right away. Turned it on and went to work.

The fought after toy! It was so loud too.

Annie raided Karen's fridge and found a carrot.

Thanks for letting us surprise you Karen!

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Jason & Kami said...

You always do such fun things- I'm glad his eye is doing so well! They're getting soooooo big!! :)