Sunday, March 25, 2012

Safari Park Quad +1 Style

I took the kids to the San Diego Safari Park, formally Wild Animal Park of San Diego Zoo. They had so much fun, they always do at the zoo.

Looking at the bird chart.

Michael checking out the birds.

All of them, but Annie, are a little bit nervous around the birds.

Annie and Jaileigh checking out the bird.

When they thought the bird was coming for them, they all jumped in the train.

An ugly/pretty bird. It's feathers were glittery and gold.

Watching the armadillo.
Jake, Jaileigh, Anthony

Michael and Annie

I had trouble with Annie climbing in the cages with the animals. Everytime I looked away from her she had crawled through a fence. Little stink!

Brushing the goats. Michael was not afraid at all.

That poor little goat should be afraid!

He looks like he is up to no good!

The kids favorite part is the gorilla house.

This is the mommy with the baby walking behind her hanging on to her bottom.

The gorilla was scratching it's back so Jaileigh and Anthony were too.


The baby.

My babies
Michael, Annie, Jaileigh, Anthony and Jake

I took them on the tram today. I have always been a little nervous to take them alone but I bribed with ice cream if they were good, and threatened with lions if they were bad.

Waiting in line.

Everyone found a seat.

Michael needed a rest.

They were so good! I was so proud of them. I got all of them ice cream after and then we went home. The park closed at 5:30 and I think we were the last ones out. They shut the front doors and everyone had to leave a revolving door. My train didn't fit through so they had to call security to open a different door for me. It was another great adventure!

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