Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camping at Fishermans Resort

We decided to take Emily camping, to give her a different surrounding than our house. We tried to go to the beach but all of the reservations were full so we went to a lake by our house. It was nice because it was only 20 miles away but it felt like we were hours away.

Michael, Anthony, Emily, Mike, Jakob, and Jaileigh at the park

Emily and Jaileigh

Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony looking at the pool

Jakob and Emily playing in the sand

Daddy and his sidekick, Anthony

Michael throwing rocks. He is definitely a lefty.

Anthony so happy and excited he stole the diaper bag

Jakob eating crackers

Anthony, Jaileigh and Jakob trying to empty my diaper bag before they get caught.

Jakob found my wallet

Snacking on cheetos that daddy snuck them. Michael and Jaileigh

Really bad picture but really cute so I had to include it. Annie and Jaileigh

This was Annies bed in the RV. We are running out of bedspace.  She didn;t seem to mind though.


Michael and Jaileigh watching Annie play on the table

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The Cochran Crew said...

How cute is she in the laundry basket!!!!! That is just absolutely precious!!! I love how you are always on the go! Love ya girl!