Friday, July 2, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

I'm trying to play catch up on my blog so this posting has a lot of pictures of some of our favorite summer activities. Enjoy! 

Anthony Joseph
Jakob, Michael, and Jaileigh having a little snack

Jakob playing with the rocks. The quads love rocks.

Michael- I love the color of his eyes in this picture, ice blue

The Princess riding her chariot

Yes, that is mud all over my oldest child. Proud parent moment.

Michael and Jakob playing in the pool and they are still in their clothes.

This is Jaileigh screaming. The quads have reached the stage in life where they like to scream. They scream when they are happy, sad, mad, tired- you get the picture. I'm surprised any of us can hear.

Which of these quaddies is unlike the other? I wanted to get a cute picture in their matching outfits, but someone always has to be different. If you can't tell, Anthony doesn't have his pants on.

Jaileigh and Michael

Anthony getting sprayed

The group playing with their favorite things- shoes, mud and water

Michael, Anthony, and Jakob
On the way to school. Michael was trying to play "row your boat" with Anthony and Jake. See how he is holding Anthony's hand and trying to hold Jakob's
Jaileigh has a friend.


Jaileigh talking to her teacher

Jakob and Michael playing with daddy

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The Cochran Crew said...

I love when you do a whole bunch of posts at once! I love getting to catch up on these adorable kiddos! Seriously, those boys are way too cute and Jaliegh, she's all girl in an all boy world, love it! I know she will teach Annie real quick how to be a girly girl! Love the posts!