Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tom's Farm and the Petting Zoo

Last weekend we were kicked out of our house because the flooring was being fixed from the flooding caused by the air conditioner. We decided to go and visit Toms Farms, which was just 20 minutes away. Toms Farm is a big permanent Farmers Market. It has a petting zoo, restaurants, craft fairs, booths, Carousal, train, pond, and various stores. We thought the babies would enjoy it.

Jaileigh checking out the petting corral

Michael and Jakob

Jakob and Anthony

We let the quaddies out of the stroller so they could get a closer look at the animals. The "petting zoo" had little goats, chickens, and ponies. Around the outside of the corral there were hay bales set up so we let the quads stand on those. Jaileigh refused to. Smart girl.

Anthony, Jakob, and Michael
While they were standing there a goat decided it wanted a closer view. It jumped on the fence and licked Anthony's hand. Anthony screamed so loud I thought it bit him. Michael started screaming and was paralyzed. He couldn't move. Then jump screamed and ran. I was holding Jaileigh still. I grabbed Michael and Mike grabbed Anthony and Jakob. I hope they aren't traumatized for life.
Anthony, Daddy, and Jakob after the big ordeal

Jaileigh not so happy about the goat, even though she didn't get jumped on.

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