Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Fall Finally

Michael loving the dirt and rocks

Michael and Jakob playing pumpkin bowling

Digging in the dirt

Jakob and Anthony- I've decided that Anthony is a little camera shy (like Grandma) because I can never find pictures of him. He's either camera shy or always on the move and too fast for me to catch.

Jakob getting ready to bowl

Jaileigh is still refusing to play outside so here is a silly inside picture of her. Her daddy put his Harley kerchief on her head and she has her mom's socks on. She is stylin'!

Practicing already - this is her new style, no clothes. She screams everytime I put clothes on her now.

Attempt at a family photo- Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob, and Anthony
This was the first attempt
Meltdown- Mommy's lap isn't big enough for all of us anymore
Daddy is so proud of Jaileigh's outfit. Jaileigh is not liking it one bit.

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