Friday, November 20, 2009

Daddy's Birthday Party

Anthony and Jaileigh helping Daddy open his presents.

Big Mike, Jaileigh, Anthony with Little Mike behind him, and Jakob opening a present. They are getting in their practice before Christmas.

Anthony and Jakob

We had a "surprise" pie party for Mikes birthday. He doesn't like cake but he really likes pecan pie, so we had a pie party.
Mike, Tanyon, Karen, and Krissanny- All of them are entertaining Little Mikey
Shannon and Anthony, Gina, Michael and Rylee with Bill on the floor

Jaileigh, Kari, and Madison

Jakob, Krissanny, Jaileigh, Karen, Mike
on the floor we have Rylee, Anthony, and Parker (is he taking a nap or playing peek-a-boo?)

Rylee and Michael- Michael is almost as big as she is! : )

Parker and Jakob hanging out in the ball pit- Jake is in there, bottom left

Happy Birthday Mike!

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