Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Barrel Full of Monkeys

We have a house full of monkeys, pretty soon they will be swinging off the ceiling like their mom :) These kids have NO fear and excellent balance! The only time they fall is when they are pushed.

Surfer dude-Anthony with Michael watching
Jakob climbing the walls - RSV lockdown stinks for all of us even the babies.

Michael and Anthony negotiating who should be "king of the box"

Michael clearly proud of himself

Anthony- How do I look?

Jaileigh and her mini-climbing. She climbs just as much as the boys but she is much more cautious.

Jakob was standing on this but I couldn't get to the camera quick enough.


We bribed Jaileigh into sitting in the stroller with a sucker. It worked she stayed in the stroller for the whole walk, and was very happy.

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Karmann and Ryan said...

Oh wow!!! You have some serious stunt devils!!! Too cute!! Motor is definitly going well! :)

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? We are coming and just wanted to know. Also we will be coming through in Jan ( 13-15) on our way up to our big move to Seattle! We hope to see you either both or at least one time!!! Love and miss you!!!