Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Pictures- A Sneak Peak

We had our annual Christmas pictures taken yesterday and we are so excited to see the final product! The babies were so cute. Anthony was a little stinker but I think we got a couple of cute ones of him. Michael was a show off. He wanted to be in EVERY picture and was really hamming it up. He is usually so reserved, it was cute to see this side of him. Jakob and Jaileigh are always great at pictures. They even know how to "pose".

So here is the Sneak Peak- of course these are not professionally done. We remembered once during the whole picture taking process to take a couple of photos. Our photographer Allison Hayes will have our pictures ready after Thanksgiving, so look for a better update then.

The Princess herself

Drink break


Anonymous said...

SWEET Pictures. They are Adorable.


Following HIM said...

Sweetness! It's beginning to look alot like Christmas :)

Nany said...

They look so lovely specially with the little tie.
Our christmas photos will be talken in the day care.