Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Learning A Trade Early!

My monkey children keep pulling my gate out of the wall. They really don't like being locked out of the kitchen, especially when mom or dad are in there without them. So . . . . Super Bill came to the rescue. He came over and fixed our gate problem. Now the babies won't be able to pull it out of the wall anymore. Hooray! They will just be able to crack it in half, eventually. BOOOO! While fixing the wall and gate Bill taught Jakob some of the skills of the trade.

Jakey and Bill
"Here you missed a spot, just let me fix it!" Jakey explains to Bill

"Aahhhh so thats how that thing works"

For my birthday the Millers came over and babysat so that Mike and I could go out on the town. This was our first time in a year that we went out "babyless". It was a little strange not to have someone attached to me, I think I am used to the marsupial feeling, but we really enjoyed ourselves. A HUGE thank you to them for taking on the fearless foursome! We came home and the babies didn't even know we had been gone.

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Marci said...

NOTHING is better than getting your body back to yourself for a couple hours (sleeping doesn't count because you're constantly on call). And if you have good friends that the kids trust, all the better. I think I'm a better mom after I take those little breaks. And if I can include Corey in those breaks, I feel like a better wife too!