Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We're Off To See The Wizard . . . . .

This was the only picture we got together as a family. We went to our church's trunk or treat (after it was over, less germs that way).

Jaileigh-Dorothy, Anthony-Tinman, Jakob-Scarecrow, and Michael-Lion

I wanted to get a group photo of the kids so on Monday Linda and I tried to get the kids to sit for a picture. I think that they were costumed out.

Anthony checking out Jakobs straw

Michael did not want his mane on. The night of trunk or treat he was so good and didn't mind wearing it.

. . . .the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!
Happy Late Halloween


Karmann and Ryan said...

OH my GOSH!!!! So stinkin cute!!! I just showed ryan and he kept saying AHHHH look at my girl Dorthy!!! AHHH look at the boys so cute!!! We LOVE you guys so much!!! Looks like such a great Halloween, even though Michael wasnt a fan of the lions mane!


that dorhty costume is adooooooooorable!!!!!! love Rylee D your fav.

Hilary said...

You got the cutest "dorothy" I've seen!! Love the costumes!! :)

L. Christensen said...

As always they are darling.