Thursday, May 14, 2009

The New News

Anthony is very mobile now. I love watching him crawl alllll over the place. Every chance he gets he pulls himself up to stand. He is really trying to walk now. He is such a happy baby now that he is mobile. He just grins all the time.

Anthony plays hard and crashes hard.

Michael has a 3rd tooth. Top left tooth came in yesterday. That may explain a little of his recent crankiness. He discovered the stairs on Monday (the first one). He crawls really well backwards and has a crazy army front crawl. His legs work like they are supposed to but the arms give out. He still loves to eat but he loves to feed himself now.

Jaileigh has become very social. She will go to people now, as long as she can see her mommy. She loves eating big people food. She likes to help put the spoon in her mouth. She is cruising all over the place. When she wants her mommy she whines a special whine, when I take her from the person that is holding her she will turn around and give them a huge smile. Its almost like she is saying, "haha".

Jakob loves Gerber teething biscuit's. He was covered head to toe and had to have a bath. He has discovered how to make raspberries and loves to stick his tongue out and spit on you. He also does the crazy army crawl like Michael and Jaileigh. I can't get his hair to stick up in a mohawk anymore because it is too long.


Jodi said...

hi Amber! just catching up on your blog, its been a while. I CANNOT BELIEVE they are 1 now! They are absolutely adorable!!!! Can't believe how much they've changed. Didn't think they could get any cuter but they did! How fun that they are mobile now - - and on the flip side, you must be at a new level of exhaustion!!! :)

Anonymous said...

kids look great congrates to you and Michael.. hope all is well.. Mike still got your bike it's almost summer again mike pearson "the old one"

Karmann and Ryan said...

Craziness comes with being mobile but so does more independence so it is such a fun time to celebrate their development! I love the teething biscuit everywhere! Too cute!!! Hope to see you the end of June! Wahoo!!!