Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daddy We Miss You . . . . Especially Mommy

Uncle Joe giving us the baseball talk while we chew on our teething crackers. Jakob and Michael

Jaileigh and Jakob having a little conversation. The pink ball was given to them by Dana so they can start practicing baseball. Jaileigh LOVES it.

Jaileigh and Anthony

Jakob, Jaileigh, and Anthony

Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakob, and Michael- getting home from the doctor.

Jaileigh-bug posing in her pretty dress

Anthony eating a cutie for the first time. YUMMY

Dear Daddy, We miss you a lot. It has almost been a week since you've been gone. We went to Dr. Berry today and he was not happy with most of our weights. We have not gained as much weight as he would have liked. But there is some good news, most of us can be taken off of our medicines. Hooray, we hate that yucky Prevacid! We have played a lot this week. Lots of people have been over to visit. Uncle Joe has been here holding down the fort. He went today and got mommy her Berries yogurt, yummy, she loves that! Uncle Joe has also been teaching us about baseball and hockey. He lets us watch them on TV even when mommy says no. Mommy is liking her mothers day presents. She said we did a good job on picking them out. We hope you are not studying too hard daddy. Love you lots and forever.

Love your favorite babies ever!


Fiori Family said...

Our sweet babies you have such an wonderful Joe~ Your Mommy and Daddy that have someone that loves all you guys so much!

We can't wait to see pictures of you guys and your Daddy when he is back from his training!

Love you guys!

Mommato2miracles said...

Your kids are gorgeous. Hope Daddy makes it home soon