Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy's Day!

Dear Daddy- Things are getting crazy around here. You have been gone a whole week now and we are missing you a lot! Since we learned how to get out of our Bumbo chairs mommy decided to get out all the high chairs and we LOVE them! We also had a garage sale, Yep and mommy sold it all. We protected your motorcycle though. Mommy's good friend Michelle came ALL the way from Utah to sleep over with us too. We forgot to get a picture though, darn. On Mother's Day we were naughty. Michael and Jakob pooped on the sheet and mommy had to clean it up. We were also really cranky because our teeth are trying to come in. We told mommy we would try hard to be good on Monday. We love you daddy and miss you!

Love your babes!

Jakob and Jaileigh hanging out at the garage sale with Megha. Yes, Jakob has a girl hat on. That was not my fault, someone else did that.

Good friends! Megha and Karen put on the garage sale. They are soooo awesome. They have been my extra right hands while Mike has been gone.

During ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) on Friday Jaileigh was working so hard that she needed a rest. She just laid her head down on the pillow and chilled out for awhile. It was too cute.

Jakob loves to roll and has mastered the roll without losing his pacifier. He doesn't really suck on it, he teethes on it. When he smiles with it in his mouth he has figured out how to keep it in with his tongue. Its too cute!

Jaileigh= happy as a clam in her high chair. She can finally be a BIG girl. She has refused to eat food until this week. Today was the first day that she ate baby food from a spoon from me. She loves to eat food by herself. She will eat crackers and cookies and fruit as long as she can feed herself.
Michael is double fisting his food and he is happy as can be,

Anthony loveing the squished bananas

"I think I ate too much"

Karen is entertaining the crowd while mommy works on a little din-din. The bouquets of flowers are part of my mothers day gifts. Mike sent me a bouquet a day for 5 days and they were all from the babies. He really made my first Mother's Day Memorable, even though he was gone.
Jakob, Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony


Cochran Quads said...

AWWWW, the flowers were SO sweet!!! Precious babies!

Following Him said...

The flowers are so sweet! Hope you had a great Mother's day! Out of curiousity...what does Mike do that keeps him away for so long?

Amber said...

Mike is training for a new pharmaceutical rep job. He was originally supposed to be gone 2 1/2 weeks and they shortened it to 2 weeks. Dumb companys don't take into consideration mom with kids at home. We are grateful for the job though.