Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gerber Babies?





We sent birth certificates to Gerber hoping that they would give us a lot of free qz baby food, since we do have 4 mouths to feed now. Our wishes did not come true, instead we were given these adorable little promotional onesies. Yippee! I decided to take pictures in them and see if Gerber would see them and decide that we should be the new Gerber babies. Wouldn't that be fantastic! Free baby food forever!

*with the onesies we got A coupon for 8 free bottles of baby food.


Cochran Quads said...

You got more than we got, Sista! Let me know if anybody else sent ya anything! Beechnut will send a ton of coupons!!

Four babies 4 us said...

I can't believe that is all they sent. We got 44 coupons that were each good for 24 jars, AND engraved spoons...
I think I need to call them and ask what's up.
I thought when they called you and asked you if you wanted to wait for your coupons since they were only good for 6 months that you were going to get the same amount as we did. I mean, why waste the money on the phone call if all it was going to be is 8 jars??????