Sunday, May 3, 2009

Daddy We Miss You!

Before Daddy left we took some pictures.

Daddy and the crew. Jaileigh thinks she's a big girl and skipped the whole sippy cup stage. Michael is snoozing and Anthony and Jakob are teething.

Feeding doubletime. Even though the babies can hold their own bottles I still like them to be held while they are fed. So, many times feedings look like this . . . .

My friend Megha came over yesterday (Saturday) and stayed with us until around 11 this morning. We played a lot, had baths, went for a walk, went to the store, and finally went to bed. Our suburban is in the shop so we walked to the grocery store to get some teething biscuits. The babies were very good and fell asleep on the way home. Everyone in the grocery store was amazed at the babies. We haven't been to the grocery store before. Taking the babies in the quad stroller anywhere always gets us some stares and comments. Here are some of my favorite comments- Wow, you guys have been busy!, Wow triplets! or WOW Twins!, Are they all identical? (Yes, even the girl. haha) Are they all yours?, Did you have them naturally?, How do you do it? Now that I am trying to remember the comments I can't. I am sure you fellow multiples moms have lists of crazy things people ask.

This morning we played on mom and dads bed in the nudy-tudy. Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, and Jakob

And then we had play time in our Gerber outfits. They all love to empty the basket. Once the toys are out of it they cry and I have to refill it.
Jaileigh, Jakob, Anthony, and Michael

The babies are mobile- Michael found himself backed into a corner.

Have a good day Daddy! We miss you and love you too!

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Marty and Louise said...

My favorite comment was from a man at the ticket booth when we were getting on the subway in Washington D.C. He said, "Hey, Just like Lay's Potato Chips!"