Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daddy- Mommy's Almost Sold Us!

Dear Daddy-

We have had a busy week so far. On Monday we went to the Pulmonologist so that Jaileigh and Anthony can send back their Apnea Monitors to the rental place. The Dr was very happy with us. She did say that Michael is probably going to have asthma like mommy. Poor kid. Today the rental place is coming to get the monitors. Mommy has to find them from the garage and dust them off. We haven't worn them since we came home- ooops : )

All 4 of us of been whiny little brats. We are making mommy crazy. She left us boys on Tuesday to go to a funeral and we are making her pay. She should NOT be leaving us. We try to explain this to her but she says we are ok to be left for a little bit. WELL, we are showing her. You better come home before she goes completely bonkers.

Last night mom threatened to sell Michael, and then Anthony, and then Jaileigh. Jakey boy was pretty good. She is trying to tell us that we aren't supposed to get up in the middle of the night. We yelled back and told her we had belly aches and it was all her fault. She told us that you are going to be on night duty for a month when you get home so you better watch out.

Today mom wants to take a shower. We are thinking about letting her. Probably not though. hehe

Love you daddy!


Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, and Jakob


Anonymous said...

AHHHHH Babies for sale!!! I want 4 please!! Cute box you have them for sale in too! : )

Following Him said...

Oh no...hoping that the kiddos are doing MUCH better today...hang in there Amber. If I lived closer, I would so be at your beck and call...seriously!

Sara Ann said...

Haha, Amber you crack me up! I love reading about your babies antics and seeing how they are growing, they sure are cute!