Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daddy We Are Being Verrrrrrrryyyy Good!

Daddy we are being very good for mommy. Last night most of us slept all the way until 4:00 a.m. We won't say who didn't (Mikey, Jaileigh, Jakey). Ha ha. We have had many visitors. Sarah, Megha, and Karen rotated sleep over at night and now Uncle Joe is here. He wanted to give us ice cream today but mom was being mean and wouldn't let us have any. She did let us try his french fries and they were very good. We really liked the salt on them.

Anthony is getting into everything. Everyone says that he is going to be walking by the time you get home. He is standing up all by himself. Michael decided to follow Anthony's example and is trying to stand as well. He almost has the forward crawl down. All of us babies are scooting around and are very mobile. We are very glad that you didn't put the gate up (hehe) that would hamper our freedom.

We better get back to bed before mom finds out we snuck out. Love you and miss you!

Love your favorites,
Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, and Jakob

PS mom reallllllyy likes her flowers. Thanks for helping us with our mothers day gifts!

Uncle Joe and Jakey-boy.

Michael and Anthony eating their french fries. Michael is an expert at fry eating. He even chews with his two little tiny teeth. Anthony is also very good but not as energetic about it as Michael.

Jaileigh eating her french fry

Jakob eating a french fry. He hasn't mastered the chewing concept yet.

We went for a walk today and Anthony and Michael fell asleep. Its hard work being cute!

Anthony is already getting into stuff he shouldn't. He got into moms notebook and spread the contents all over. He is looking pretty proud of himself. He crawls and is pulling himself to sitting AND standing position.

Anthony getting ready to stand on his upside down bumbo. He is such a happy baby now that he is mobile. He loves getting into things.

Best Friends- Anthony is holding on to Michaels shoulder

Don't even think about stealing my cookie!

Yummo! Softened cookie

Crash landing- Jaileigh-bug. Eating cookies is hard work.

Do I have anything on my face?

I guess I was asking for it!

Anthony entranced by Baby Einstein

Megha came over to play. (Michael, Anthony, and Jaileigh)

Jakob being a kissy face silly boy

Our friend Sarah is entertaining Jaileigh with her Pilates moves. Jaileigh thought she was hilarious.


Four babies 4 us said...

Yup, you were DEFINITELY asking for it!!!
Too funny!
See you soon!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH Babies, your mama didn't crawl and jumped up and walked at 8 months. She refused to get her hands and knees dirty, and preferred to walk. She was a straight A student too, even if she didn't crawl! Can't wait to see you buzzing around!
Love and miss you little bugs,

L. Christensen said...

Amber, They are growing up so fast! So darling! Give them a kiss for me. I sure miss you all.

Cochran Quads said...

So sweet!!! Luv the pee picture!!! They grow up TOO fast!!!