Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Miss You Blair!

One of our favorite helpers left us to go back to college in Idaho. We tried to talk her into dropping out of school but she was too smart and realized the value of getting a good education. The babies even offered to share their peas and bananas with her, but no luck, off she went.

To our dear Blair- We wish you the best of luck in your studies at college. We hope that you never find anyone who will barf on your clothes like we do or pull your hair. We know that you will miss us terribly. We could send you some stinky diapers for your dorm room or maybe some yucky burp rags. If you promise to come back soon we will share our toys with you. We will try not to barf on you as much too. We know how much you hate wearing those yucky hospital gowns over your really cute clothes. (we are hoping one day to have nifty vans like you.) Make sure that you don't let the boys kiss you, we will save kisses for you. Mom is trying to teach us to kiss with our mouths closed, she says it isn't proper for us to give wide mouth frog kisses. Well, we better go. Mom is wondering why we are so quiet- he he. lol!

Anthony, Mikey, Jaileigh, and Jakey

Blair and Jakob

Jaileigh and Blair


Michael and Blair

Anthony, Jakob, Jaileigh, and Michael


Cochran Quads said...

I love the last pic with Anthony's hand over Jaileigh's forhead. (Did I get it right? I'm trying to figure out who is who. Just when I think I've got them pegged, I get confused again!! Love the letter, too cute!

Stephanie said...

Amber - I am so grateful I had such a great experience with your babies when you were here in St G, because our Andrea just delivered her 5th baby - Gracie - at 28 wks. I am sick with worry but Sara and I talk about the quads and it gives us hope. Andrea was very ill with pre-eclampsia and they had to deliver her on April 19 She was 2#2oz. I told Andrea yesterday that she can do this. I admired so much your mature dedication to your babies, you just are doing what you have to do. I hope some day you get some sleep!!! Anyway, I do think it was a tender mercy that we had a chance to be in your life for a short time to prepare us for a preemie. She has no health issues yet, just needs to grow. And when I look at your babies pictures I believe she will. Love you. Stephanie Wilkey

Four babies 4 us said...

Now you know how I felt when YOU moved...
What brilliant little ones you have to have already mastered the keyboard!
Love you all,