Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Forget the "Bredt"

Our new teething toy- Italian Bread

Anthony was very frustrated because he couldn't eat it.

Jaileigh played for quite awhile with hers

Michael had a death grip on his bread. He was sooo excited to have real food.

Jakob slept during the bread session so here is his picture.

Anthony stole Jakobs pacifier and discovered a new way to chew on it- backwards

Jaileigh grinning away


Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...I could just eat them up :o! Hope the Bredt is helping with teething!

Sara Ann said...

So cute:) My sister just had her baby last night at 28 weeks, your blog gives me so much hope! Thanks for posting the stories!

Louise said...

you have the four most beautiful babies i've ever seen. wish i'll have babies someday as beautiful as your quads :)