Thursday, April 9, 2009

We Had A Good Night

How could I forget? Last night MICHAEL, my little night terror, slept through the night for the 1st time. He is usually awake between the wee hours of 1-4 am and then again at 5 am. I have been really struggling with not wanting to sell him to the gypsies during those hours. During the day he is the sweetest little boy.

So, here is what happened last night.

7:30 babies got last feeding
9:00 all babies in bed
10:oo Pumped, Anthony got up
12:00 am Jaileigh got up and nursed 3-5 minutes went back to bed
12:30 Anthony got up, drank some water, went back to sleep
12:45 I pumped
3:30 I pumped and checked on Michael wondering if he was still breathing (I did this several times during the night)
5:30 Michael woke up very happily and just as happily drank his bottle and went back to bed until 6:30. Anthony and Jakob also woke up at 5:30 drank their bottles and went back to sleep.
6:30 Jaileigh woke up nursed went back to bed, boys woke up and stayed up until 9:30

That was the best night I have had since these little babies were born! Crazy!

My little "angel" Michael

Anthony and Jakob trying to steal each others pacifiers. Anthony doesn't even like them.
Dana playing with Anthony. She is trying to teach him the rules to baseball already.

Karen and sleeping beauty. She conquered her and got her to sleep. Whoo HOo

Mary and Michael playing together.


Cochran Quads said...

I think you've become a blogging addict and I couldn't be more happy!! I love seeing all the pictures of those sweet sweet babies! And, mommy, still nursing and pumping, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Sara Ann said...

Amber, my mom told me about your blog, your babies are so cute and it was so fun to get to know you all when you were in St. George!
Sara(Wilkey) Schmalz