Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"We Are Family- I Got All My Sisters With Me"

What a crazy weekend we had. We had family in from Chicago and from Las Vegas and we went over to our friends house and ate authenic Indian Food. Since RSV season is mostly over we are having fun going out into the real world. The babies enjoy it just as much as I do. We have all been claustrophobic locked up in our little hacienda for sooooooo long.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe came from Las Vegas and Aunt Diana came from Chicago.

Aunt Katherine and Jaileigh-bug at Victoria Gardens

Uncle Joe and Jakey- Daddy and Jaileigh walking in Victoria Gardens the ourdoor shopping mall by our house.

Uncle Joe (Joseph Anthony Jr) with his new beard. He is holding his namesake, Anthony (Anthony Joseph) during our dessert session at The Cheesecake Factory.

AAAAHHHHHH what a good looking crew! Notice our new stroller?! We love them. We bought 2 new Graco Duogliders. Our carseats fit in them so if the babies fall asleep in the car we can just stick them in the stroller in their carseat. We still have our quad stroller. Sometimes I use it when we go for walks around our neighborhood but I can't use it anywhere else because its too wide.

Aunt Katherine and the babies. We LOVE her! She is one of the few people that can entertain all 4 babies at once.

Aunt Diana and Anthony and Michael. Everyone that comes over some how ends up multitasking. Diana came all the way from Chicago to visit the babies. This was her first time being able to see the babies. It was so exciting.

Jakob and Anthony playing in the nudy-tudy. Their arms and legs are always intertwined when they lay close together.

Our Aunty Cathye teaching Michael how to play baseball with the mitt that Aunt Diana gave him.

Michael playing football with Aunty Cathye too.

On Sunday we went over to our good friend, Megha's house for authentic Indian food (dot). They fed us Dosa with potato shaak. Yum! Momma and Megha entertained the babies while Mike and I ate and then caught some much needed ZZZZZzzzzzz's.
Momma Kapadia and Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael. Jakob was getting his beauty rest.

Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael being entertained at the Kapadias house.

I have the cutest video of Jakob laughing hysterically. I am trying to figure out how to upload it on this crappy computer. Wish me luck.


Cochran Quads said...

Can't wait to see the video! Doesn't it feel great to get out and about!! Precious precious babies!

Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...PRECIOUS all around! They are just too cute :)

Anonymous said...

You might not realize it, but your dot/feather comment is very racist.

sharon said...

amber. congrats on mike getting his new job! i can't believe how big the babies are getting! it's almost a year in july, right?!?! i miss them soooooo much! seriously, jess and i have to schedule a good time with you when we can come over and play with the babies!