Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On The Road Again . . A Weekend of Many Firsts

Mike is leaving on Sunday for New York. He is training for his new job. Yes, I will be left home with 4 babies that are all starting to move and explore, so if you are free, feel free to come sleep over for awhile. S Before he left we decided to go to San Diego one more time. While we were there we experienced many "firsts".

San Diego Zoo. Mike and I are regular pass holders and we decided it was time the kids were introduced to one of our favorite past times.

Jaileigh being a little stinker. I left her one day last week so that I could go to the dentist and she is suffering from severe separation anxiety. She is punishing me for leaving her. AAAHHHH

2 strollers, 1 diaper bag, 3 bottles, 4 jackets, 2 adults, 8 diapers, 4 burp rags, 1 bottle of tylenol, 1 bottle of sunscreen, 1 camera, and 4 babies

Petco Park sells $5 tickets. You get to sit on the lawn behind this wall and watch the game on the screen. They have a little t-ball field for the kids. We brought a blanket a let the kids play. The weather was perfect.

We sat in this grassy area to watch the game. I think the only one that caught any of the game was Big Mike. The rest of us were too busy playing our own games.

Anthony discovering grass. He REALLY like it. He kept crawling off the blanket to get to it.

Jakob fell asleep and is hiding under the blanket. You can see his little hand poking out. Michael has the boy hat on, Jaileigh has the white hat, and Anthony is going for the grass.

Anthony after the Padres game.

Jaileigh fell asleep in her daddy's arms after the Padre game. Big accomplishment for Miss Clingy!

The boys playing while Jaileigh is asleep with daddy. Jakob has is pacifier, Michael is chewing on his car keys, and Anthony is sitting. He now sits up all by himself, crawls backwards, and started crawling forward today. All the other babies are right behind him. They can all sit and move wherever they want to- Watch out mom!

Daddy, Jakey, Jaileigh, and Anthony

The bathroom in the motel turned into our temporary kitchen. I sterilized them with hot water from the coffee pot.

This morning I proudly boasted to Mike that I could feed 2 babies while I pumped. Ha ha. Luckily I was feeding only one baby. Anthony decided he was tired of waiting on me and helped himself to breakfast.

"Forget the spoon mom, I can just drink this."

*If you would like to help while Mike is gone please call. I have a calendar that I am signing people up on. This first weekend is filled, thanks to wonderful friends! Mike is leaving this Saturday morning and will return on the 16th. Those of you who can't come help, remember us in your prayers. I will need all the prayers I can get!


Cochran Quads said...

I will be praying like a MAD woman for you! You can do it!!! Love all the pictures! Isn't it great getting out and about?

Stephanie said...

I love that you guys have been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!!
Wish I was closer so I could help, but I will be praying!!!
Good luck..you can do it!!

Karmann and Ryan said...

What a fun little get away!! You guys amaze me how you do all that you do with four little ones that are now on the move!!! I wish we lived closer and I would be there in a sec for you while Mike is away!!! Bummer!!! Hoping to see you next month!!!

Sunny said...

Wish I could be there to help you out! Hang in there and don't forget to breath~!

sharon said...

hey they finally got to wear their TEES that had been hanging on their isolettes forever!!!!