Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Surprise- Oh What Do You Do In The Springtime?

For Easter we did something special. First we got in our car seats. The babies were so good. They all fell right to sleep until . . . . . .





we got to San Diego. We didn't have family or friends coming for Easter so we decided to be brave and head to the beach. We celebrated the babies first Easter in San Diego on our first family vacation.
We spent a lot of time in our motel room. We didn't mind because it was really nice and it was a change of scenery from our old boring house. We went to Seaport Village, Torrey Pines Beach, and for a scenic drive. We were there Saturday until Monday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The babies were so good. I think they enjoyed the change of scenery just as much as Mike and I did.

4 little babies rolling on the bed! Anthony is hiding under the blue blanket. He was taking a little nap. Jakob is really laughing even though it looks like he is crying.

Big and Little Mike

Peek a boo Jakob and Jaileigh are saying. Anthony and Michael are enjoying their front row seats.

Mom going to the elevators

Back row- Jakob and Jaileigh, Front row- Anthony and Michael
Dad and the babes in the hallway during a walk while our room was being cleaned.
We visited Seaport Village. Everyone loved the babies. A couple of people tried to touch them and I almost went crazy. Most people were very considerate and just looked and talked to us. I am still a little nervous about germs. Some people say that I have OCD about them but my babies have not been sick and I'm sure its because I am sooooo careful.

and then we went to the beach. you can see from the blankets and clouds that it wasn't warm. We asked someone to take our pictures and then we left. It was really windy. We can't wait to go again and really play!


Cochran Quads said...

Don't you feel SO accomplished!!! Oh, yeah, and tired!! I am always so proud as I pull back in the driveway after an outing! And then I walk in the door and reality slaps me square in the face!! Good job DeMaria's!!!

Sara Ann said...

Oh my word, they are so cute! It is great to hear that they are all healthy and happy:)

PletcherFamily said...

We lived in San Diego for about 4 years, and we lived about 2 minutes from Torrey Pines Beach! Brings back memories. San Diego was by far our favorite place to live.

Congrats on your first family vacation!