Sunday, December 25, 2016

{Merry, Merry Christmas}

Christmas started early for us, around 4 a.m. I got up a couple times in the night and found little ones wandering around, wondering if Santa had been there or not. I'm pretty sure that Anthony and Michael sneaked downstairs to snoop.




Jaileigh again. Poor thing had Hand, Foot and Mouth and had a rash around her mouth and nose. 


Annie Bananie

This was about all Jake asked for- this circa baseball pin ball game. He was so excited.

So sweet!

Mike got new unders from Gram and Gramps. hahahha he was so excited! 


Anthony was so excited about Grandpa Rossy shirt



The roller blades and roller skates that the girls got were the unexpected favorites. 

Michael got Annie these overalls and John Deere shirt to match. He picked it out at the tractor supply store. She loves it so much and wears it all the time. 

She has wanted this strawberry for at least 2 years!

Playing the MLB Cubs trivia game

This was the overall winner for gifts. I found them at Costco and at the recommendation of a worker I ended up buying them for all the kids. They loved them and play with them daily. The bullet/arrows light up and glow in the dark.

We feel so thankful for this season, that we get to remember and celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Each year the kids are able to understand more and more. We really try to teach them that Christmas isn't all about the commercial but it is about our brother Jesus Christ and His birth and His love for us. We read a book this year that explains all of the normal Christmas traditions and ties them into the very first Christmas. It was a great reminder to Mike and I, as well as a great learning experience for the kids. 
We hope that your Christmas and upcoming year are filled with the true meaning and Spirit of Christmas. 

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